6 Things I learned in London


Our first two nights in the UK were spent in London. This gave us time to recover from our flight before taking an 8 hour train ride to our next stop. We enjoyed our condensed visit and learned a lot during our short time in London.

  1. Bus tours are a great way to see a big city when time is limited. Pick one that allows you to hop on and off as you please. Not only will the tour stop at most or all of the
    The London Eye – View from Bus Tour

    major sights, but the tour guide will tell you about so many other things that you would miss while walking or using other forms of transportation.

  2. Follow your toddler’s lead. Its important to take breaks and find a playground so that toddlers can be toddlers. The playground is also a great way to meet the locals.
    St. James Park Playground


  3. Do the things on your list that are most important to you FIRST! Trying to fit things in at the last minute could cause all sorts of unexpected problems – like getting stuck in the massive crowds of people that are waiting for the changing of the guards when all you want to do is get back to your hotel to gather your bags and get to the train station before the train leaves!
  4. Order Room Service. I don’t usually love room service. The food is often over priced and not very good. However, when traveling with a tired toddler, room service is very handy. Eleanor could run around the room instead of sitting at a table and I was able to get her ready for bed before the food arrived.

    Room Service
  5. Skip the burgers. They are just not the same!
  6. London is extremely diverse.  We met people from all over Europe and Asia that live and work in London. Talk to them! They likely want to talk to you too.


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