Little Hiker Box Prepares My Tot For Hiking Fun

As a young child I loved receiving mail. I would check our mailbox everyday to see if something had arrived for me. Being that I was a child, it was rare that I would receive anything but every once in awhile a piece of advertisement that mistook me for an adult would arrive or a letter from school addressed “To the Parents of…” would come and I would wonder if it was some award or nice letter about how helpful I was that day even though it was always just a school calendar. Receiving mail was such a big part of our childhood experience- all the children’s shows had mail related themes and the 80’s was a very popular time for pen pals. Of course time has changed and frankly my son rarely sees us interact with our mailbox or maybe at the age of three isn’t interested when packages are at our doorstep until about a week ago when we received a Little Hiker Box. I told him it was a surprise for him and he lit up with excitement and curiosity.




As hikers and outdoor play enthusiast, we both were giddy to open this box geared for kids. There was plenty in there for the $24.99 (monthly) price tag it sells for. This box promises to send items for your child to encourage outdoor play. Upon opening it we eagerly explored every item. I definitely wasn’t underwhelmed with the variety and amount of gear/products. Here’s the breakdown of what this box provided:



Snacks- We received some cheddar bunnies and trail bars which are both familiar and welcomed. I’m a diabetic, so trail bars aren’t my go to while hiking unless it’s long distance but my son and husband snack on them all the time.  Also this bar saves lives seems to really provides social and eco awareness that makes you feel even better to contribute to a responsible company.

Magnifying glass- My son immediately put this up to his eye. I often pick hikes that go at a faster pace and this will definitely encourage us to slower down to explore. It even comes with a kickstand so that my tot can use both of his hands to analyze a flower or most likely in our case -a bug. It’s a fun toy for all ages really and was received with a loud “Whoaaaa!!”.




Play/Picnic Mini Monkey Mat- Truthfully, I first thought that this would be one of those items that seemed cool but I’d always forget to bring along thus never really using it other than to take up space in my bag but it just so happened that we were off play date at the lake the day after receiving The Little Hiker Box so it was on hand and I threw it in our bag (although it does have a handy clip). It’s a light weight portable mat that folds into it’s own pouch and has weighted corners which is my favorite feature.

DSC05685Every mom at the play date asked me about the mat and when it was time to go (because of a looming thunderstorm) we folded it up as easy as we unwrapped it… but with more dramatic urgency. Now all I can think about is how many times I could have used this for my tot out on the trail. It’s currently included in our travel items for our upcoming hiking trip to the Swiss Alps. Mama loves this mat!


Trail Books and Wooden Pencil- These are adorable and are perfect for my 3yr old. First it works great alongside the magnifying glass and second it’s small enough to fit in pockets or my sons hiking bag for quick access.   I also plan to also use one to describe the different hikes and journal how DSC05694my child interacted with nature. Hopefully it will coincide with his drawing and we can save them together. Another wonderful way to encourage a child to love the outdoors while keeping memories for mom and dad.



Extras- A sticker, postcard (which seemed to really impress my child) and “List Of Things To Do Outside” worksheet rounds up the rest of the box.


Review: This box is fun. I’ve been hiking with my son since he was one and surprisingly The Little Hiker Box provided me with items I had not yet used with him on the trail. This also makes a great gift for fellow hiking friends or family with young children. There is an option for Monthly, Quarterly and Annual subscriptions as well as a shop with some of the items found in the box (some currently on sale).

Tip: If your child has a birthday coming up put this on their list. Out of state family members that won’t be able to attend the party aren’t going need the satisfaction of watching their gift be opened. This is a great alternative and maybe, just maybe, your child will start falling in love with receiving mail too.


TTT Disclaimer:  I was sent The Little Hiker Box in exchange for an honest review

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