London, Here we come!


Leading up to our trip, I was really worried about how our flight to London would go and how Eleanor would adjust to the time difference. Getting through security was pretty quick and easy thanks to being able to carry Eleanor. I boarded the plane first with our bags so that I could get the car seat buckled in and our bags stowed away. Tim stayed with Eleanor so that she could play for as long as possible.


After drinks and snacks were distributed and the trash picked up, the flight attendants turned off the lights so that we could all try to get some sleep. I had to carry Eleanor on my back and pace the area by the bathrooms until Eleanor fell asleep, but then she slept for the rest of the flight!

When we arrived in London, Eleanor work up and, to my surprise, stayed awake! She only slept for about 5 hours and it was 3am at home. I had expected her to be crabby, but she was happy and ready to see London!

After getting through the border, we took a taxi to the hotel. At this point, I was already very thankful for the light weight and easy to install car seat that I had purchased for this trip. I was able to buckle it into the taxi in about 30 seconds.


Thankfully our rooms were ready when we arrived at the hotel even though it was only about 8:30 in the morning. Eleanor took a nap in our room and Tim dozed off a bit. Having been to Paris a few years ago, I know that the best way to beat jet lag is to get outside and keep moving, so I made Tim get up and we went out to see some of London’s most popular sights! We did a good bit of walking and saw Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. Eleanor took a second nap in the baby carrier that afternoon which was no surprise after missing out on a full night’s sleep.


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