Who we are

Ashley and Jessica are friends, cousins and moms. Although we share the lessons of raising toddlers, we often find that our methods and ideas are different enough to teach and learn from each other.  Our differences allow us to give two different perspectives and support each other anyway. We feel that it is so important to our children to be raised with individuality and respect while figuring out what that means along the way.

Ashley & Eleanor

Traveling with Eleanor has provided me so many priceless memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. She has a love for adventure and getting to experience our travels through her eyes makes for an extra special trip.

As a self proclaimed Disney World expert, I was thrilled to finally take Eleanor to meet Mickey right after her first birthday. We now go on a regular basis as annual pass holders. We love traveling overseas and have a big trip planned for later this summer and we are excited to spend more time exploring the United States and our home state.

Jovial Cooking Class Fall 2016

Besides meeting Mickey, we’ve made pasta in Tuscany, hiked in Glencoe, visited Platform 9 3/4 at King Cross, traveled by planes, trains, and automobiles, camped during a storm. We were blessed by the Pope, did as the Romans do, flew with Dumbo, rode a camel, and searched for the Loch Ness monster. All along the way we have been fortunate to make new friends.

I have learned a lot about how, an how not, to travel with a toddler and I look forward to sharing those tips with you.

Jessica & Abram

Abram came along at a time of our lives that we didn’t  ever think that we would have children and had actually come to terms with it. My husband and I decided that we begin to live our lives for us and not for the expectations of a family. We moved to a small bungalow in the city and within a year this little boy decided that he wouldn’t make us wait a moment more. The timing was perfect. We were different people than the young couple so desperately desiring a child. Eleven years of “trying” to have a child became irrelevant because he arrived at the perfect moment. As any mother, my life has just begun its most important chapter where I live my life with my child and not because of him.


Abe is a toddler with typical toddler traits. He loves to skateboard, play baseball, watch TV and explore outside. We hike, travel and attend many events in our city as a family. Although I wouldn’t say he is a natural-born leader, I do credit our time outdoors to his self-confidence regarding his environment and ultimately  making him a toddler that would never hesitate to lead a hike. Our community is important to us and try to teach that to him by allowing him to learn all the wonderful things about it. Now that he is almost three we cannot wait to extend our travels and experience life together.

We hope that you enjoy following the journey of two very different families on the journey through life with Trekking Tots.


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