Switzerland & France: 8 Reasons We Chose Airbnb

In the last year and a half, we have become huge fans of choosing an Airbnb over a hotel.  There are so many reasons why which I will share with you. I also want to give you a look at where we stayed during our trip to Switzerland and France last month. So let the tour begin….

Our first Airbnb during this trip was in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Located in the middle of Lauterbrunnen valley, our first Airbnb was a cozy chalet with the most incredible views of cliffs, mountains, and several waterfalls. Click here to see the listing.

1 – One way we like to save money while traveling is to cook some of our meals. Choosing an Airbnb with a full kitchen is a necessity for us.

2 – Energetic toddlers don’t usually want to sit still in a restaurant 3 times a day.

3 – Kids can play while waiting on their meal or even help out in the kitchen.

4 – Easier to celebrate birthdays!

Abe had a special birthday celebration in Lauterbrunnen!

Our second Airbnb was just outside of Montreaux, Switzerland. The villa was very spacious and had an amazing children’s garden. The host was very accessible and we loved chatting with her every day. She clearly loves kids and was so happy to have a couple of adorable toddlers around for a few days. To view this listing, click here.

The children’s garden at the Airbnb in Montreaux, Switzerland.

5 – A safe and private place to play outdoors.

6 – Our host welcomed us to the villa and helped us with directions, places to go, and booking our next train.

The largest Airbnb we stayed at was in Beaune, France. Each family had their own bathroom. This French home was only half a block from everything we could possibly need while staying in Beaune. We were in and out of this house all day making quick trips to the fromagerie or the boulangarie whenever we desired. To view the Beaune Airbnb, click here.

Beaune, France

7 – Lots of space for tickle parties!

Beaune, France

8 – Sword fights and battles with imaginary dragons.

Do you chose Airbnb when traveling? Please share your experiences with us!





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