Hike a Tot: Carriers



My purpose for this post is to share what I have learned regarding carrying my child. Trust  me when I say that I know how passionate people are about their chosen carries but it also occurred that there may be some (like myself) that never really ever developed a relationship with one and could use an opinion of a somewhat lost momma in the wearing world. I had bad back aches after the birth of my son, I mean like freeze and cramp backaches. Maybe I’m not a persistent person by nature or maybe I chose to listen to my body but I was in pain for so long that I didn’t feel like I could carry my child as an infant.

At about a year old we began hiking as a family. We had a hand me down frame carrier that was bulky and so uncomfortable. This brand really had no business making such carriers and so we decided to invest in our favorite backpacking pack which also makes children carriers.  The Osprey Poco Pl51kpie8hcvlus Child Carrier changed our hiking lives! Due to the adjustable waist straps and movable torso, my husband and I were both able to use this pack as if it was custom built for our bodies. It was extremely comfy and very sturdy. 20151127_131220

The Osprey became part of the family, especially during long hikes. We loved it and after awhile our one year old became a two year old and gained his hiking independence. We still often brought the Osprey and on hikes longer than 3 miles, he would continue to use it for naps. I honestly can say that I could never imagine being without it. When it was time to go overseas we were hit with a realization that although wonderful in every way, our carrier was big and bulky and because we chose to travel light, we needed a Plan B.



Being a branch Ambassador for Hike It Baby, I was very familiar with Onya. I knew about the specs and special features but I hadn’t exactly used one for a significant length of time. For some reason I felt like I was going backwards in the timeline of carriers as if my child would be too old for a soft carrier. It was light and compact and although I hadn’t tested it much it was on it’s way to London with us. Although my son was clocking some serious miles while walking through the bustlingeveryonenexstepg streets of London, he had reached his toddler “carry me” point and the Onya became our life saver. Let me remind you that this post is specific to my 35 lb boy. This somewhat energetic and squirmy child snuggled in and cuddled against my back like he was the smallest pea nestled in it’s warm pod. My child who never accustomed himself to a soft carrier was loving it and my bad back had no complaints. I wasn’t going backwards in the wearing world, I was just beginning. In addition: this carrier did great in the rain by the time we made it to Edinburgh. It was awesome and so stress free to walk around with the locals in the rain with a sleeping snuggled tot on my back!


Since we’ve been back I have noticed that I have used the Onya more than our hard frame carrier when we go hiking and will now travel with it at all times. We plan to pack more miles and I am fully confident we will be equipped with the best carriers for our family. I highly recommend both of these for toddlers (and infants). They have terrific custom designs I haven’t found in any other packs: Osprey‘s adjustable padded hip belt and Onya can be used as a highchair!


Got a pack that you love? Tell us about it!



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