Rain boots – MyMayu Review

**This post is not sponsored by MyMayu or anyone else. Well, not yet anyway!**

I’ve always loved rain boots. There is nothing better than dry feet while walking around in the rain. Plus, who dosen’t love splashing in puddles instead of avoiding them?

Last year we were planning our trip to the UK and we wanted to be prepared for the inevitable rain! Its not that the UK has bad weather, its that people are not prepared for the rain, which makes it seem like bad weather. Or at least, that’s what I’m told!

Shopping for toddler rain boots was frustrating. The ones that I could find were too bulky to pack and I worried that the weight would make walking difficult for her. Plus they were not easy to get on and off.

MyMayu Muddy Munchkins keeping little feet dry at the beach.

When I asked Jessica what she was planning for Abe, she told me about MyMayu rain boots. I ordered a pair of Muddy Munchkins right away so that we could try them out before the trip.

When they arrived, Eleanor was so excited to put them on! They were a bit big in the foot, but that meant she could wear some thick, warm socks without her shoes becoming too tight. They were able to stay on her feet with no problem thanks to the draw string at the ankle and another at the calf.

The rubber bottom of the shoe is flexible, unlike the rain boots I am used to. The seams are not waterproof, but with all the splashing Eleanor has done in her boots, we have not noticed any leaks. And, I promise you, she has tested them well!

One of my favorite aspects of MyMayu rain boots is that they compress down to save space in our luggage. We try to pack as light as possible in order to navigate the airports, taxis, and especially the trains, as easily as possible. Space is a premium and these boots don’t take up too much space.

Eleanor is still wearing her boots 9 months after Scotland and I anticipate that they will still fit when we go to Switzerland later this year. We expect the weather to be chilly while we are in the Swiss Alps but MyMayu boots are for all seasons.

This summer, I plan to have Eleanor try these boots out in a sand box and at the beach. I will report back once I know how well they handle the sand, but I have a feeling they will be perfect!


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