Ashley’s Travel Must Haves

Ashley here!

Our flight to the United Kingdom is in the evening. The idea is to sleep on the plane and be ready for an adventure when we land in London. However, I can’t imagine getting any sleep while trying to hold a toddler in my arms. This brings me to my first must have – a light weight and easy to install car seat!


I’ve been a member of the Facebook group “Car Seats for the Littles” since Eleanor was born. Through that group, I have learned a lot about traveling with babies and toddlers. This group is how I learned about the Cosco Scenera Next car seat from Wal-Mart. It meets three ver important criteria: its easy to install, light weight, and inexpensive.


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.46.33 PM

Back in March, we decided to fly to Orlando for our Disney trip instead of driving like usual. I learned a lot during the process. I took a car seat that my mom uses for Eleanor. It is NOT light weight. I decided I would manage by balancing the car seat on my suitcase. While waiting in line for security, I lost my grip and dropped my suitcase and car seat on the person behind me.Yikes! Thankfully he had a good attitude about it. Installing it on the plane wasn’t too horrible. I was able to board the plane first which gave me room to move around without hitting anyone. By the time the seat was installed, we were about ready for takeoff!

At about $44.00, the price is right for the Cosco Scenera Next. I am able to easily lift the seat with one hand and installation is a breeze. It will be perfect for attaching to my suitcase, installing on the plan, hauling on the train and into hotel rooms, and installing in the rental car.


12814686_10154022533667628_3372024582688714503_nMy second must have is a baby carrier! Assuming the stroller survives getting beat up on the plane and train, I would have to find a way to fit it into our rental car which is already expected to be jam-packed.

I have been wearing Eleanor since she was only a few weeks old. Eleanor feels safe and secure when worn and she is able to see the world from a great advantage point! The temperature in England and Scotland will be cool so I won’t need to worry about Eleanor getting over heated like I do at home in the summer. For me, the problem is choosing which carrier(s) I will pack.

There are many ways to wear a toddler. I will pack my Tula (right), a quick carrier that is easy for me, my husband, and my parents to use. I know we will all end up wearing her during our trip. I also plan to pack a woven wrap. A wrap allows me to carry Eleanor on my front, side, or back and the carrier is customizable to meet our needs.


My third must have is a well stocked first aid kit. At the end of Eleanor’s first trip to Disney, Eleanor came down with a fever. I purchase a thermometer from the hotel gift shop but it didn’t really work. I now travel with a first aid kit incase Eleanor gets sick again while traveling. My First aid kit includes teething tablets, infant pain reliever, thermometer, cold medicine, band aids, immune boosters…. I realize it is a lot to pack, but I would rather be prepared and not use any of it than to get sick and have to go on a hunt for medicine. That is not the kind of adventure I want to have while traveling!

When we get back from our trip, I’ll let y’all know if anything else becomes a must-have for future trips!



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